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It's time for a new era of leadership and neighborhood unity in Venice.

• We believe that the addiction and mental health crises on our streets need to be addressed immediately.
• We believe that the Venice-Dell median project is a prohibitively expensive, environmentally irresponsible mistake.
• We believe in the strong support of our locally owned businesses.
• We believe in the preservation and celebration of Venice’s unique cultural and historical legacy.
• We believe in sensible, sustainable, respectful development and the protection of our affordable housing stock.
• We believe that people who work in Venice should be able to afford to live here.
• We believe in fiercely protecting our environment, most especially our beaches and open spaces.
• We believe the current level of violent crime is unacceptable.

• We believe in civility and the importance of treating each other and everyone in this community with respect.
• We believe that finding our collective common ground is imperative right now.

The Venice Neighborhood Council election is Sunday, March 26th at the Oakwood Recreation Center, 767 California Avenue from 10AM-6PM. You will need a photo ID with a Venice address. Otherwise, you'll also need a bill/mail with your Venice address on it.

Brian Averill - President
It’s clearly time for a fresh start in Venice, one that honors the incredible culture and history of our neighborhood while moving us forward together as a united community. I’ve lived here for 21 years. I’m a professional photographer and director. I’ve served on the VNC board and still sit on our Oceanfront Walk and Outreach committees. I’m also a founding member of the Venice Surfing Association and the Venice Boardwalk Action Committee. The VBAC wrote and helped implement the proposal used by the city to house the boardwalk encampments in 2021. I have a proven track record of meeting high-profile challenges in our community and I’ve built great relationships across the entire spectrum of Venice life and within most city departments. I was on Councilmember Park’s policy team during her campaign and I’m genuinely excited about working with her and our new VNC board. I encourage my fellow candidates and any Venice stakeholders to reach out to me with any questions.

Press Links/Interviews

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Jim Robb - Vice President
As a 30-year Venice resident, I’ve watched our community grow and change. The quiet calm of the boardwalk became a bustling, jam-packed visitor destination. Vibrant new business districts have grown along Abbot Kinney and Rose Avenue. As we continue to evolve, I also feel it’s important to preserve our history, culture, and character. During the 4 years I’ve served on the VNC Board, I’ve worked consistently to resolve the many issues facing Venice and build great relationships with many city departments. As OFW chair, my tenure has been one of open, egalitarian representation and transparency. Anyone can list the problems we face, but real solutions are a joint, cooperative stakeholder effort. I genuinely love this neighborhood and I look forward to working together for our future on our new VNC board.

Helen Fallon - Treasurer
I understand that maintaining a thriving community requires real commitment and leadership. I regularly attend VNC board and committee meetings and share information. I have brought stakeholder motions/petitions to the VNC Board because I believe the community should be heard and our needs addressed. Last year my efforts resulted in LA adopting a bicycle chop shop ordinance. For over 35 years I maintained the financial records for multiple clients, so I am very familiar with the Treasurer duties and have already taken the required NC treasurer training. I will ensure the city’s funding guidelines are followed and give detailed, accurate, written monthly reports so you know how your tax dollars are spent and if these funds are being efficiently used to bring lasting benefits and improvements to our Venice neighborhood.


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