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Alex Neiman

Vice President

As a 31 year resident and native to Venice I have seen our community evolve like many of you have. I have seen historic, coastal bungalows turn into modern homes, I have seen shops come and go on Abbot Kinney, I have seen neighbors leave and friends move in. Our community is unique in that it is home to people of all different walks of life. We are a microcosm mirroring the vibrance of all of Los Angeles.


I have sat on the VNC for over 3 years and have been dismayed by the hateful discourse, frustrated as both a councilmember and a stakeholder by the City’s lack of engagement with our specific needs, but encouraged by the people I have connected with and the colleagues I have worked alongside. I am a proud Venetian that is humbled by our community’s evolution and hopeful for where we can go. As your Vice President I will continue to connect, to listen and to guide the transformation of our neighborhood into a more equitable, caring and action oriented community.

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