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Brian Averill

It’s clearly time for a fresh start in Venice, one that honors the incredible culture and history of our amazing neighborhood while moving us forward together as a thriving, united community. I’ve lived here for 21 years. I’m a professional photographer and director. I’ve served on the VNC board and still sit on our Oceanfront Walk and Outreach committees. I’m also a founding member of the Venice Surfing Association and the Venice Boardwalk Action Committee. The VBAC wrote and helped implement the proposal used by the city to house the boardwalk encampments in 2021. I have a proven track record of meeting high-profile challenges in our community and I’ve built great relationships across the entire spectrum of Venice life and within most city departments. I was on Councilmember Park’s policy team during her campaign and I’m genuinely excited about working with her and our new VNC board.


We need to write smarter, more strategic motions. We need to repair our relationships with almost every department in this city. We need to unify as a council, and set an example for the people we serve. And most importantly, we need to start making actual progress on the very serious issues facing this community.

I care deeply about Venice, I’d be truly honored to serve as your president, and I’d put my heart and soul into uniting this neighborhood.

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