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Erica Moore


Venice small catering business owner of 37 years. A single mom and renter living in 5 diverse Venice areas for 4+ decades. I’m persistent, determined, motivated & always accessible. I’ve supported myself since age 16. Taking initiative and responsibility is who I am. I've provided countless meals for transitional housing/shelters, homeless folks, scout troops, school sports programs & field trips. My company employs local residents of all ages, I mentor budding chefs/new food vendors.


 I see A LOT inspiring me to take action to help! My purpose is to be of service to others, I'm comfortable as a supporter or leader. I’m detail-oriented, organized, with abundant energy & enthusiasm! You can count on me to listen to you, to work hard, to research, to take issues you care about seriously. I’m open and not afraid to have hard conversations, I am respectful and can agree to disagree. I believe the collective interest of the neighborhood comes first, and that's how I will represent you!

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