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Jason Sugars

Community Officer

I am a lifelong resident of Venice, CA. With three generations of native Venetians that came before me plus two generations behind, Venice is very much a part of my family history and - all willing - my children and grand-children will enjoy this lovely little town on the shoreline for generations to come.

The Venice where I grew up, as did my Mother, her Father and his Mother, was home to an artistic, eclectic, eccentric and electric collective of people of all kinds. I will hold precious the Venice of the past and look forward with love toward the future of Venice.

My Vision: A truly diverse, inclusive, accepting and still popular and prosperous place that many will love and call their home. My Mission: To be a part of lifting Venice up and supporting our beautiful mixté of many!

Anything that is truly worth wanting and wishing for - is well worth working and waiting for. With that, I offer my hand, my heart, my head and my hat - which I throw in the ring.

I intend to serve and represent my city with honor and pride - as I always have and will.

Long live ALL in Venice - 1 Venice for All

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