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Jim Robb

Community Officer

I am a 33-year Venice resident, current member of the VNC, and chairman of the Oceanfront Walk committee. I will continue to do my best to protect the neighborhood from shameless gentrification. I love Venice and its boardwalk. Greedy developers and their big box properties in our small community have caused substantial damage by pushing out many beloved residents and small businesses. The shops and people who have made Venice unique are disappearing. Developers are buying a 110 year old neighborhood church and trying to turn it into a billionaire’s mega-mansion.


This egotistical outlook combined with greed has also led property owners, developers and corporate monsters to continue to break zoning laws, take parking away from residents, prohibit beach access, and dump thousands of electric scooters all over our public areas. We are facing big fights ahead to preserve our history, culture, and character. I will continue working hard to resolve the issues facing our neighborhood!

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